Seed & Nourish: Digital Humanities (DH) at USD - Call for Proposals

Seed & Nourish: Digital Humanities (DH) at USD - Call for Proposals

Digital Humanities (DH) is a collaborative method that employs technology for performing scholarship and disseminating knowledge in humanities disciplines and in the humanistic social sciences. Digital Humanities also encompasses the development and use of innovative technological tools for teaching and learning. Digital Humanities further encourages creative engagement with technology and critical consciousness of technology’s complex effects in our daily lives and on our wider world.

Program Description:

Seed & Nourish: Digital Humanities (DH) is a stipend program designed to nurture new and emerging Digital Humanities projects at the University of San Diego. Funded by the Humanities Center, the program provides a limited number of $1000 awards to USD faculty members who wish to launch/develop new or early-stage scholarly and/or pedagogical Digital Humanities endeavors. The award is designed to be flexible and can be applied toward expenditures such as technology, software, equipment, supplies, personnel, promotion, publicity, etc. All USD faculty with current appointments are eligible for the award.



  • Applicants should submit their applications via this form, which asks for the following items:

    • Your name and position
    • Project title and abstract (100 words)
    • Brief description of the proposed project, including goals/objectives (approximately 500 words)
    • How your project engages/relates to the Digital Humanities
    • Timeline indicating the major stages/phases of project
    • Anticipated project expenses, and importance of each to the project’s success

  • A panel, composed of three faculty members, will select recipients, and the Humanities Center and other campus channels will publicize their names, project titles, and abstracts.



  • The submission deadline is Friday, July 17, 2020.
  • Stipend recipients will be notified by 1, and announced to campus by Aug. 17.
  • A short interim progress report describing the status of the project will be due by 15, 2021.
  • Recipients will share and reflect on their project in a Humanities Center event in May 2021.


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