In Memoriam - Cynthia Haney

In Memoriam - Cynthia Haney

It is with great sadness that we note Cynthia Haney’s passing. Here is a note from Marianne Pfau, Professor of Music History, and Director of Angelus Sacred Early Music Series:

"Cynthia was the initial spirit behind the 'Angelus Series of Sacred Early Music' concert series that I have directed since 2007 at USD. After the passing of her late husband, Michael Haney, in 2006, she contacted me in the Music Department, asking whether I could think of any way in which the department might honor his memory.  She told me that her husband, who was a professor at USD’s Psychology Department,  had cherished a great love of early music. During the following months, Cynthia and I conceived ‘ Angelus' together, and she has been the trusted and generous supporter of the series ever since. After a while, her donation became true seed money as she intended, attracting further support from other donors. Seeing this trajectory of ‘Angelus’ gave her great joy. 

This year’s concert would have been on Bach’s birthday, March 21 2020. Knowing that Cynthia herself was battling a serious illness now, on that day I shared with her the finished program that could of course not happen due to campus closure.  I was hoping that it would console her in some way and give her strength. She responded gratefully. This was the last contact I had with her. 

As a regular donor, Cynthia took a true interest in the development of ‘Angelus,' which has blossomed from small seeds into a well established and University-supported series of high caliber that year after year has filled beautiful Founders Chapel on the USD campus.  For the past decade, we have been able to pair renowned professional early music specialists from around the country with student singers in cantatas by J. S. Bach. Recently we began working in collaboration with Dr. Emilie Amrein, Director of Choral Activities, and now some thirty students in different choral ensembles are participating in ‘Angelus.' The series has become an important part of our educational mission as well as to USD's cultural offerings for the larger San Diego Community. Cynthia enjoyed witnessing this growth in size and significance. 

I will always be grateful to Cynthia Haney for sharing her husband’s passion for early music over a decade ago, for helping me establish a vision for 'Angelus,’ for her unfailing financial generosity, and for her fervent support. She was a very fine person indeed, whose gentle spiritual and quiet artistic presence held immense meaning for me. My life is enriched by having known her, and I will miss her dearly.  We will dedicate next year’s Angelus Lenten concert, scheduled for March 20 2021, to Cynthia's memory.  RIP."

Marianne Pfau, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences

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