Congratulations to our graduating majors, minors and advanced language students

Congratulations to our graduating majors, minors and advanced language students

The faculty of Languages, Cultures and Literatures congratulate our 2020 graduates! We acknowledge their tremendous work, achievements in our programs, and resilience in these challenging times and we wish them much success in their future endeavors.

Legend: Students on the Dean's List are identified in bold.  Students who received special recognition from the faculty of their individual language program are italicized.


Aiden Wendt, German minor

Alessia Lo Cascio, French minor

Alexandria Durnell, Classical Studies minor (Ancient Greek emphasis)  

Alvin Hu, Chinese minor  

Alyssa Herrera, Spanish minor

Alyssa Ramona, Spanish minor  

Amanda Holbrook, Spanish minor  

Amelia Henry, Spanish minor  

Amelia Sznajderman, Spanish minor

Ana Griffin, Spanish major

Anna Colman, Spanish minor

Antonio Cárdenas, Spanish minor

Austin Lupo, Italian minor

Autumn Julian, Spanish minor  

Autumn Silverberg, Spanish minor  

Berfin Sagir, Arabic program honoree

Bethany Harris, Japanese program honoree, Asian Studies minor (Japanese emphasis)

Blake Cronin, Italian minor  

Blanca Hernández, Spanish minor

Cameron Manes, Spanish minor

Camila Monico, Spanish minor  

Carly Andrade, German minor  

Celeste Juárez, German minor  

Celeste Moreland, Spanish minor

Clare Adams, Spanish major

Courtney Dunn, Chinese minor  

Dana Rosansky, Spanish minor  

Daniel Rodríguez, Spanish major

Debbie Hwang, Chinese minor

Drake Willard, Spanish minor  

Elisse Etcheverry, Spanish minor

Elizabeth Kaster, French minor






Emily Kirvin, Spanish minor  

Emma Fagundo, Spanish major

Eric Hanson, Spanish minor  

Evan Schmaltz, French minor

Faith Jones, Spanish minor

Gabriela Pedneault, Spanish major

GQ Collins, Spanish major

Gwenyth Sullivan, Italian Studies major

Hailey Rice, Spanish minor

Haley LeComte, Spanish minor

Hannah Levine, Spanish minor

Hannah Rouret-Valencia, Spanish minor  

Henry Tran-Quevedo, Spanish major

Imma Honkanen, Spanish minor

Isabel Riggio, Spanish minor

Jakob Kerns, French minor

Jasmin Ross, Spanish major

Jesús Martínez Saucedo, Spanish major

Johanna Lara, Spanish minor

Jonathan Olsen, Spanish minor

Jordyn Stanley, Italian minor

Julia Herold, Spanish minor  

Julio Alfaro, Spanish major

Kadee Sylla, French minor

Katrina Penticoff, Italian Studies major

Keiley Mallory, Spanish minor

Kelly Perreault, Spanish major

Kimberly Sladek, Spanish minor

Kortney Young, Spanish minor

Kyle Davis, Italian Studies major

Laine Cargill, Spanish minor

Lauren Rivers, Spanish minor

Leslie Escobedo, Spanish minor






Madeleine Dumke, Spanish minor  

Makenzie Melheim, Spanish minor

Maria Engel, Spanish minor

María Rivera, Spanish minor

Marianne Shamoon, French minor  

Marion Chavarría Rivera, Spanish major

Mary de Wolff, French major

Mary Pat Abruzzo, Spanish minor

Maximiliano Magaña, Chinese minor

Megan Bailey, Classical Studies minor (Latin Emphasis) and Classical Languages program honoree

Megan Casey, Spanish minor

Michaela Tyus, Spanish minor

Morgan McLaughlin, French major

Noah Staninger, German minor

Olivia Perry, Spanish minor

Paige Hopkins, Spanish minor

Perla Cruz, Spanish major

Rachel Sarner, Spanish minor

Rebecca Camarena, Spanish minor

Ryan Lawler, Spanish minor

Samuel Dene, Spanish minor

Samuel Walker, Spanish major

Shane McDermott, Italian minor

Stevie Espinosa, Spanish minor  

Sumiko Sato, 2020 Arabic program honoree

Tara Calhoun, Spanish minor

Tara Zeuli, Spanish minor

Taylor Gallagher, Spanish minor

Theresa Thomas, Spanish major

Vanessa Morales, Spanish minor

Veronica Catanese, Italian minor

Zoe Cao, French major, Asian Studies minor (Japanese emphasis) and 2020 Japanese program honoree









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