The Humanities Center Recommendation List

The Humanities Center Recommendation List

This week's Humanities Center Recommendation List is curated by the Humanities Center Student Board. They have selected a must-watch list of films and television programs.


Film Recommendations

  • Guzaarish (2010) is an Indian film about euthanasia and the human condition. pk (2014) is an Indian film about a humanoid alien and their engagement with various religions. Haider (2014) is an Indian adaptation of Hamlet in the context of the Indo-Pakistani conflict. Also, I highly recommend any of the Shakespeare trilogy movies by Vishal Bhardwaj! I must admit that I’ve been watching too many Indian films, lately.– Jesús Martínez Saucedo
  • Stardust (2007) is based on the book by Neil Gaiman; it is a fun fantasy movie that is one of my all-time favorites! About Time (2013) is a fun romcom with a time travel twist. End of Sentence. (2018) is a fascinating and empowering documentary about women in India addressing lack of access to feminine hygiene products and breaking down stereotypes and misinformation around periods. – Sienna Todd
  • Baraka (1992) is a documentary with no narration. Just watch it. On a big screen. With high resolution. It will change you. – Claire Bredar
  • Fantastic Fungi (2019) was incredible if you love nature documentaries! It has truly thrilling images and you will definitely learn something. – Emma Heflin
  • Parasite (but don’t get your expectations too high), The King, and Fight Club – Oliver Thiel
  • House of Flying Daggers, The Way We Were, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Anna Ancona
  • Even the Rain, Chasing Coral, and Marriage Story – Neve Pacera
  • And While We Were Here, The Social Network, Amy, and The Big Sick – Anna Valaik


Television Recommendations

  • La Casa de las Flores (Netflix) because it’s La Casa de las Flores. Trust me, you’ll get a really good laugh! And Pau-li-na es u-na a-do-ra-da! – Jesús Martínez Saucedo
  • Sherlock (BBC) is fun, fast-paced, and makes you think. West Wing (streaming) is very therapeutic - to see a smoothly run fictional government, and you will fall in love with the characters. Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access) has strong women, fun story line, and amazing extension of the Star Trek universe. Twin Peaks (Showtime) is wonderfully weird and fun. – Sienna Todd
  • Waco (Netflix), Outer Banks (Netflix), Little Fires Everywhere (read it first!) (Hulu), Neve Pacerar Have I Ever (Netflix) is super cute & funny, Hollywood (Netflix), and Normal People (also read it first) (Hulu) – Ana Coviello
  • If you love the history/aesthetic of the 1920s, then Babylon Berlin (Netflix) is for you! It is the most expensive German TV show ever made, and it is quality! – Emma Heflin
  • Westworld (HBO), Game of Thrones (HBO), The Midnight Gospel (Netflix), The Outer Banks (Netflix), Bojack Horseman (Netflix), Messiah (Netflix) – Oliver Thiel
  • The Crown (Netflix), Sex Education (Netflix), Mad Men (streaming) – Anna Ancona
  • Game of Thrones (HBO), Westworld (HBO), Gentefied (Netflix), and Money Heist (Netflix) - Neve Pacera
  • Insecure (HBO), Portlandia (streaming) , Modern Love (Amazon Prime), Big Little Lies (HBO), and Chef’s Table (Netflix) – Anna Valaik

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