Student Spotlight: Annabel Gong

Student Spotlight: Annabel Gong

EOSC Senior Annabel Gong got to present their research on the bivalve community of Mission Bay at this year's SACNAS Conference in Honolulu, Hawai'i. They worked under the mentorship of Dr. Nathalie Reyns and Eric Cathcart.

Here's a short description of their research:

"Using data from two EOSC classes, I have worked with Dr. Reyns to create a project on the invasive Arcuatula senhousia in Mission Bay. Arcuatula senhousia outcompete native bivalves and create byssal thread mats that alter the community composition of soft-sediment habitats. This project uses historical sediment composition and Arcuatula senhousia abundance data in concurrence with burrowing behavior found in lab experiments and helps explain the variability observed in the spatial distribution of mussels in Mission Bay and how anthropogenic alterations to sediment, like dredging, could affect these communities."

We are so proud of you, Annabel! Thank you for representing USD department of EOSC at the conference!

Annabel presents their poster.

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