Michael Apostol Presents Psychology Research

Friday, November 8, 2019

Michael Apostol and  Dr. Goldschmied
begin quoteHe is already a second author on a journal submission and his work was tremendous with meaningful contribution to this important work.

Psychology major Michael Apostol aims to present his research projects at two conferences. Michael continues to work with Dr. Goldschmied on a research project on NHL hockey fights and he also worked with Dr. Wanic on the relationship between religiosity and prosocial behavior.   

His project with Dr. Goldschmied is an archival study that is a step towards debunking the hypothesis that fighting in the National Hockey League (NHL) creates momentum, leading teams to victory. The manuscript of the project has been submitted to Aggressive Behavior, and they are working towards a Western Psychological Association poster presentation. Michael hopes to be able to present his research at the Western Psychological Association (WPA) Convention in San Francisco. Michael assumed the responsibility for this archival research project exploring the effects of violence on game outcome in hockey (NHL) a few years back. Most recently, he started supervising research assistants in training. Michael presented preliminary findings at our school’s Creative Collaboration conference last year, and will do so this year as well. He is already a second author on a journal submission and his work was tremendous with meaningful contribution to this important work.

Michael completed his work with Dr. Wanic as part of the Summer of Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program during Summer 2019. This program provides funding for undergraduate students to engage in indepedent research on a topic of their choice, supervised by a faculty member. "Michael's project was ambitious," reports Dr. Wanic.  He designed and collected the data for two separate studies evaluating the connection between religion and helping.  The first was a survey exploring how religiosity and framing effects impact donation and the second was a field study on religiosity and tipping behavior. After presenting a summary of the preliminary findings at the end of the summer here at USD, Michael is currently putting the finishing touches on the manuscript and will present his findings in November at the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR).  "Michael has shown an impressive level of dedication to completing this work and it has been a pleasure working with him," said Dr. Wanic.


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