Welcome to #ClimateWeek2019!

Welcome to #ClimateWeek2019!

Welcome to #ClimateWeek2019 Everyone!

Climate Week (September 23 through the 27) is an event held in NYC by The Climate Group every year to showcase climate action and discuss how to do more for the environment.  As an Environmental and Ocean Science Department we have decided to join the conversation by touching on several environmental issues and how we, as individuals, can work to ameliorate our footprint.  

Today, we will be discussing the good ol’ “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” We want to encourage our community to REDUCE waste, REUSE products, and RECYCLE. In that order. 

The most effective way to reduce our footprint is to reduce our consumption. Using less products affects the amount of energy that goes into the manufacture and transportation of material goods. When you reuse products you help eliminate demand, and the energy that goes into disposal and recycling.

We know, we know, this is A LOT. But, our environment needs it. So here are some ideas on things you can do to reduce and reuse in everyday life.


REUSE! Repurpose and upcycle! How? 

Finally, if you use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without...


  • Responsibly dispose of electronics
  • Inform yourself on what can and CAN’T be recycled  
  • Rinse out food containers before recycling
  • Skip the plastic bag. Empty your recycling directly into your dumpster. Waste bin liners are not recyclable and might result in your recycling being diverted to a landfill. 

Every small individual action matters - May we be the smallest nail in the house of the world, but important nonetheless!

To join the conversation – check us out on Twitter and Instagram as @usd_eosc, or on Facebook.



About the Author- Gabriela Yamhure Acosta is a 3rd year graduate student in the Department of Environmental and Ocean Sciences researching  barnacle larvae off the coast of La Jolla, San Diego. 

begin quoteSeptember 23 through the 27 is Climate Week 2019!
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