Psychological Sciences: Study Abroad Courses

Psychological Sciences: Study Abroad Courses

The University of San Diego's Study Abroad Program allows undergraduate students to live and study in a multitude of different countries, whether it be for a semester, summer, or intersession. Right now, USD is ranked number one for undergraduate study abroad participation. The Department of Psychological Sciences frequently offers courses abroad for the intersession and summer sessions taught by our faculty. Most recently, two professors were given the opportunity to teach courses in London. Dr. Nadav Goldschmied taught Sports Psychology, and Dr. Michael Ichiyama taught Abnormal Psychology. Both were able to reach out about their experiences abroad.
Why should a student consider studying abroad?
Nadav Goldschmied: Study abroad pushes students to get out of their comfort zone to experience another culture, language and unfamiliar environment. With sport psychology you get to experience new sports both as a participant and as a fan which in turn cultivate a diversity of thought and practice.
Michael Ichiyama: It's fun and a great way to gain awareness of the cultural context of what students are taught. 
What is the best part about teaching a class abroad?
Nadav Goldschmied: The great advantage about teaching abroad is that you can discuss a topic in the classroom in the morning and get a first-hand experience in the afternoon when you are involved in an activity. In London, where I taught this summer we discussed skill acquisition in class and in the afternoon we visited the Lord’s Cricket Academy and got to learn how to play the game so the student could really reflect on their earlier educational experience.
Michael Ichiyama: For me, it is getting to know the students in my class on a more personal level through the intensive nature of a study abroad course and through the shared class activities.
Where would you like to go next?
Nadav Goldschmied: I will be teaching sport psychology next summer as well this time in Rome (a lovely city!). The class was timed to coincide with the European soccer championship which is held in the city, among many others European venues.
Michael Ichiyama: I've been to London and soon Australia on study abroad. I focus on English-speaking countries, but I am open to other locations. 
How might taking a class abroad benefit a student?
Michael Ichiyama: Numerous Ways. In addition to expanding cultural awareness, I've had multiple students pursue graduate training abroad after participating in a study abroad class. 
What is your favorite memory from your past study abroad experiences?
Michael Ichiyama: Having dinner with my students at a local ethnic restaurant.
Why do you think USD is highly ranked nationally for study abroad participation?
Michael Ichiyama: The USD study abroad program is highly efficient, well organized, and forward thinking. They are very supportive to both USD students and faculty. I've really enjoyed working with them over the years.
During Intersession 2020, Dr. Ichiyama will be teaching Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 355) in Sydney, Australia. Applications are due September 25, 2019 for anyone interested in taking the course. 
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