EOSC Master's Student Featured in Union-Tribune

EOSC Master's Student Featured in Union-Tribune

Angela Klemmedson, a USD Master of Science in Environmental and Ocean Sciences student and research associate for the Scripps CalCOFI group, was aboard the most recent research cruise expedition for CalCOFI to look at the state of the California Current.

The expedition surprised some of the scientists on board when they found the water to be less productive than usual, and biomass low at all trophic levels. However, the scientists on board think their lab analysis might show some different results, and agree that such low levels of productivity might just be part of boom a bust cycles in these waters.

With the changes in climate and the recordings of warmer waters in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, it is more important than ever to understand our oceans and their productivity under changing conditions. If you want to know more about theis kind of research visit the San Diego Union-Tribune's full story by clicking this link.

Angela Klemmedson works with some data on the ship.

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