EOSC Master's Student Featured in Union Tribune

EOSC Master's Student Featured in Union Tribune

Ravleen Khalsa-Basra is a second-year graduate student in the Department of Environmental and Ocean Sciences. She was recently featured in the San Diego Union Tribune for her work as a volunteer at San Diego River Days. At the event, Ravleen engaged with the community of El Cajon to create a mural dedicated to the creek behind Parkway Plaza Mall. 

“It’s so important to have some advocacy in this area to clean up debris that has come from residential areas and even the homeless community,” she said of Forester Creek, right behind the mall.

“A lot of people are coming here, but you don’t have access to (the creek) very easily,” she said. “So projects like this allow us to know what is out there and also be interested, especially at a young age to get kids involved and see what can be beautiful.”

The mural depicts what Forester Creek could be.

“It could be teeming with wildlife and vegetation, like they have already done in the Santee part of the tributary to the San Diego River,” Khalsa-Basra said. “I think it is a great project. … It’s important to learn about and take care of it because the health of our watershed is so valuable.”

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Ravleen paints a fish

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