2019 STEM For All Video Showcase Innovations in STEM Education, May 13-20

2019 STEM For All Video Showcase Innovations in STEM Education, May 13-20

Please check out our video in the 2019 STEM for All Video Showcase this week: https://stemforall2019.videohall.com/presentations/1568.
There are more than 240 federally funded projects at https://stemforall2019.videohall.com, highlighting innovations in STEM education, share short videos of their work. Researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the general public are invited to post to the discussions. Share your perspectives, ideas and feedback. Vote for your favorites. Voting and discussion ends on May 20 at 8 p.m. EDT.
We'd love to have the USD community and alumni check out the video and enjoy all the other videos too. Odesma has been in contact Michelle Sztupkay. Will you please share through our channels? Here is the information they gave us to spread the word:
Our video presentation can be accessed directly at: https://stemforall2019.videohall.com/p/1568
  • Use the social media links on your video presentation page (https://stemforall2019.videohall.com/p/1568) to automatically create a thumbnail and customizable message that links directly to your video.
  • When posting to social media, be sure to use the hashtag #STEMvideohall as well as other popular hashtags. (for a helpful list of hashtags: http://www.gettingsmart.com/2017/07/education-hashtags-teachers-edleaders)
  • Create an email signature to include in all of your correspondence during the week of the event.  (The signature graphic can be found in the social media toolkit)
  • Send a calendar invite to your staff, board, and organization as a reminder to participate. Don’t forget to include a link to your presentation page!
  • Email relevant associations and organizations that you are a member of to help spread the word.
Thank you very much for your support!

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