Ali McLagan Receives Outstanding Research and Academic Achievement Award

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Friday, April 26, 2019

This week, the Department of Psychological Sciences is recognizing Behavioral Neuroscience major Ali McLagan for receiving the Outstanding Research and Academic Achievement Award.


Why did you decide to major in Behavioral Neuroscience? 
When I came into school I was really unsure about what I wanted to major in or do during my college experience. I tried everything out, but I was just kind of drawn to behavioral neuroscience. I loved that it tied biology and psychology together, and the fact that everything we were learning is such new research was really exciting to me. 
How do you plan to use your degree after graduating?  
I plan on taking a gap year and then pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience!
What will you miss most about the Psychological Sciences department?
I'll miss all the people I have met in the department. I feel like I got to develop some relationships with my professors which I will be forever grateful for, and I got to get to know so many of my classmates who I had multiple classes with. It'll be a weird experience to not see them everyday in class. 
What research did you participate in?
I worked in Dr. Hales research lab studying the effects of hippocampal lesions on temporal memory in rats. 
What was the most memorable part of your research experience?
We got to present our research at the Society for Neuroscience Conference last semester, and for the entire weekend we got to walk around and hear about all the cool research going on around the world. I spent most of the weekend in those fold-able chairs listening to neuroscientists talking about all sorts of cool topics like how mice learn maternal behaviors or what molecules are involved in neuronal migration. 
What advice would you give to students interested in research?
Talk to your professors. See what they are studying. They are all doing such cool research, and they want to support your interest in research in their field. Sometimes all you need to do to get into their lab is to ask. 

Psychological Sciences' departmental awardees will be recognized at the Psychological Sciences End of Year Celebration at 12:15 p.m., May 9, at Serra Hall 215.

Ali McLagan


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