Pomai Murakami Receives Outstanding Research and Academic Achievement Award

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

This week, the Department of Psychological Sciences is recognizing Behavioral Neuroscience major Pomai Murakami for receiving the Outstanding Research and Academic Achievement Award.
Why did you decide to major in Behavioral Neuroscience?
I decided to be a Behavioral Neuroscience major because I had a passion for both psychology and biology. During my freshman year, I took Psychology 101 and Biology 190. These classes sparked my interest in Neuroscience, which was further confirmed by taking Biopsychology during my sophomore year.
What advice do you have for Behavioral Neuroscience majors?
I advise future Behavioral Neuroscience majors to be curious. Neuroscience is extremely interesting and I've found it best to approach each class with as many questions as possible.
What will you miss most about the Psychological Sciences department?
I will miss taking classes in the Psychological Sciences department. Each Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience class I took was very interesting and confirmed why I wanted to major in Neuroscience.
What research projects did you participate in?
As a member of Dr. Sitaraman's Behavioral Neuroscience lab, I had the honor of participating in the reproductive fitness in long and short sleeping Drosophila melanogaster project. I studied whether the amount of sleep need in fruit flies impacts their ability to produce offspring.
What was the most memorable part of your research experience?
The most memorable part of my research experiences was working on my project over the summer. It was nice to have time to focus on research and work with other students that were enthusiastic about their projects!
What advice would you give to students interested in research?
I would advise students interested in research to get started early! Also, you get as much from research as you put into it. The harder you work, the more you get out of it. It's really exciting to see your project progress!
Psychological Sciences' departmental awardees will be recognized at the Psychological Sciences End of Year Celebration at 12:15 p.m., May 9, at Serra Hall 215.


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