Alexis Nacht Receives Distinguished Graduate in Academic Achievement, Research, and Service Award

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Friday, April 19, 2019

This week, the Department of Psychological Sciences is recognizing Psychology major Alexis Nacht for receiving the Distinguished Graduate in Academic Achievement, Research, and Service in the Department of Psychological Sciences Award.


How do you plan to use your degree after graduating?

After graduation I will be attending a 2 to 3-year master’s occupational therapy (OT) graduate program. My Psychology degree will be incredibly useful within this field, and many of the classes required in the major were also prerequisite courses for OT program applications. I am still in the process of deciding which school I will be attending, but I will know within the next couple months where my new home will be.

Why did you decide to major in Psychology?

I always knew I was fascinated by the brain, but my first year I went back and forth between wanting to major in Biology for the premed track or Psychology/BN. Although, once I took PSYC 101 with Dr. Zwolinski I knew Psychology was the major for me. I truly loved her class and wanted to continue focusing on Psychology in my time at USD.   

What will you miss most about the Psychological Sciences department?

The professors are definitely what I will miss most about the Psychological Sciences department. The passion they all have about the classes they teach is what contributes to my learning and makes me excited to go to class. Each professor I have taken a class from within this department was determined to help me succeed, not only in their class, but in my future as well. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had at USD to learn from such educated, caring, and wonderful professors. A special thank you to Professor Pearlberg and Dr. Galvan for being mentors to me all 4 years and greatly assisting me in my graduate school application process.

You received the Distinguished Graduate in Academic Achievement, Research, and Service. How did you balance it all?

At times it was really hard to balance all of the different things on my plate between clubs, research, dance team, work, and classes. What made it possible was knowing what I was working for and realizing I genuinely enjoy everything I commit to. Another thing that helps me a lot is San Diego’s thousands of hip coffee shops to explore which make studying more enjoyable. I also realized it’s just as important to find ways to have fun and socialize with friends for some stress relief. 


Psychological Sciences' departmental awardees will be recognized at the Psychological Sciences End of Year Celebration at 12:15 p.m., May 9, at Serra Hall, 215.

Alexis Nacht


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