Faculty Member Spotlight

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

     Dr. Lynn McGrath recently started fostering a pair of kittens! They are fostering Aqua and Zeke who both have serious eye issues. Zeke is infected and Aqua has ulcers. Dr. McGrath is administering three types of medications everyday. Dr. McGrath has a lot of experience fostering kittens and is up for the challenge of caring for Aqua (left) and Zeke (right). 

A word from Dr. McGrath:
"I have time and an infinite amount of love to give them. They are very skittish. I believe Aqua will lose her right eye, I am hoping we can save the left. I think Zeke will keep both (assuming the meds and love are working). I think this is good training for me. I believe the power of love is immeasurable and can have profound impact, keeping my hopes high..."


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