Illume Series: Chemistry Professor Shares the Science of Cooking

Illume Series: Chemistry Professor Shares the Science of Cooking

The next Illume Speaker Series presentation, which is sponsored by the University of San Diego’s Humanities Center, involves learning more about the pairing of science and food.

Watch: Chemistry professor Joe Provost on the science of cooking

Joseph Provost, PhD, associate chair and professor in USD’s Biochemistry and Chemistry Department, will give a 6 p.m. talk on Monday, March 13 in Mother Rosalie Hill Hall’s Warren Auditorium on “Molecules in the Kitchen: How to Make Better Food with Science.”

Provost, when he’s not doing cancer research in his lab with students, is the co-author of a 2016 book, The Science of Cooking: Understanding the Biology and Chemistry Behind Food and Cooking. The book seeks to broaden access of science for all.

By using one’s natural curiosity of what is happening to our food, we can use scientific principles to discover one of the most important aspects of our lives — food.

Interactive demonstrations and examples of science in the kitchen include the mystery of a perfectly cooked egg (protein denaturation), what’s the evolutionary purpose and taste for hot peppers and an experiment to get perfectly browned food in half the time.

This presentation is free and is open to the public. A reception will follow the lecture.

Joseph Provost video by Ryan T. Blystone 

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