The Gun-Control Issue: Tragedies Too Common

The Gun-Control Issue: Tragedies Too Common

U-T San Diego -- Lawrence Hinman, a professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego, writes about ethics.

Once again, Americans were glued to their televisions, watching continually replayed images of distraught parents, shocked children, efficient and heavily armed law enforcement officers, followed now by memorial services and funerals. How, some ask, could this happen yet again? Most of us, however, no longer ask that question, because nothing has really changed since the last time we had such a tragedy, or the time before that. How could it not happen again – that is the real question. It’s not as though we as a country have made a momentous effort at last to insure that such tragedy will not befall our children again and failed in our efforts. No, we have done nothing. We are reduced to feeling sorry that it happened so close to Christmas, that the children were so young. Pitiful. (Full Story

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