IN App Continues to Bring Students Together This Fall

Monday, October 12, 2020

Great News! The IN App is here to stay!
begin quoteSo what’s in store for the app this fall? The USD School of Business will deliver its traditional fall events in a virtual format including career fairs, conferences, workshops, student competitions and even a few brand new events.

Business students attended over 2,400 minutes and 41 sessions of virtual business lessons this summer taught by nearly 70 USD School of Business professors and experts. How? By signing up for exclusive, cross-disciplinary workshops featured on the IN app, the first-ever app launched by the University of San Diego School of Business — and designed by alumnus, David Jimenez Burgos.

After reviewing feedback from students and faculty, the summer workshops and IN app experience were deemed a crushing success. With that, the USD School of Business is excited to announce that the IN app is here to stay! 

Initially, the IN app was thought up as a way to keep business students connected and engaged after a swift adjustment to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Going above and beyond for students

“We did a couple of surveys and about 60% of students no longer had a summer internship or job because of the pandemic,” says Stath Karras, executive director of the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate and a major contributor to the creation of the IN app. “Given their situation, we wanted to stay engaged with our students and provide support. We came up with the summer workshop series to offer them great programming that would reinforce their business skills and prepare them for a tough economy. Even more so, we wanted to show all business students that we were going above and beyond for them. Then, the BMC’s events and committee manager, Diane Ice, suggested we consider a custom app for the series. And the rest is history.” 

By creating a hub for the school’s virtual events as well as special programming that leveraged the expertise of both its faculty and industry professionals, the USD School of Business was able to offer new opportunities to keep students in-the-know and connected to each other.

“I attended six workshops this summer including ones that taught Tableau basics, applying AI in business analytics, living through market history and more,” says Javier Lozano, a finance student who just started his junior year. “I went to as many sessions as I could to learn something new and valuable for my future career. I think most students could agree with me that the USD School of Business has done an excellent job in creating this platform where we (the students) were able to expand our knowledge during the summer.”

What’s new on the IN app?

So what’s in store for the app this fall? The USD School of Business will deliver its traditional fall events in a virtual format including career fairs, conferences, workshops, student competitions and even a few brand new events such as the upcoming workshops “How To Be a Successful Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur” and “Habitbetter.” Plus, students will also be able to explore all student club meetings and register for them right on the app.

Declared business students will also be able to earn Passport Points for approved workshops and conferences. As for the popular Grubhub promotion that offered students meal credit for attending up to five workshops, it will also continue into the fall. All events on the IN app will have icons that let students easily identify which are eligible for Passport Points and/or the Grubhub promotion.

A chance remark with a big reward

Unbeknownst to them until now, students can thank Dean Timothy Keane for putting the Grubhub offer out into the universe.

“In one of the app discussions, Tim Keane said something like, ‘wouldn't it be cool if we could order Grubhub for our students?’” says Karras. “And that's pretty much all it took for the idea to become a reality. The team that put together the IN app researched the costs and logistics of offering the promo and presented it back to the dean. His response was, ‘Absolutely, go for it!’”

With so much support from the staff, faculty and administration at the USD School of Business, and with so much enthusiasm from students like Lozano, the school is thrilled to continue using the IN app as the official hub for all its events. And it promises to continue evolving the app into an even better student experience.

“This app has definitely encouraged me to keep attending more workshops and keep expanding my knowledge on key topics about the business world,” says Lozano. 

— Gabrielle Horta


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