Cybersecurity: Why is the IoT so Unsecure and What Can be Done About It?

Monday, August 3, 2020TOPICS: Conferences and WorkshopsGuest Speakers

Internet of Things

Cybersecurity is ranked as one of the top business, and in particular supply chain, concerns amongst CEOs. While there may be a number of reasons for this, the bottom line is that the "Internet of Things" (IoT) devices used in so many products are unsecure to start - and little is being done to provide the necessary and expected security. Why? Because cheap and fast are the priorities of the makers using IoT in their products.

On July 16, the Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMI) at the University of San Diego School of Business hosted a webinar focused on cybersecurity. Mark Heckman, professor of practice with USD's Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering, discussed the many reasons why IoT devices - "smart", computer-based, networked devices - have so many security problems and the latest proposals for IoT security standards in the U.S. and Europe.


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