Two $20,000 Scholarships Now Offered for Candidates of the JD/MSRE Dual Degree

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Introducing the JD/MSRE Dual Degree. Earn a JD and MS in Real Estate. Apply for a $20,000 scholarship by 4/2/20.

In spring 2018, the University of San Diego School of Business partnered with the University of San Diego School of Law to offer a joint JD/MSRE dual degree. Law students typically spend their first, third and fourth years at the School of Law and their second year in the MSRE program at the USD School of Business. Second-year law students are also eligible for this program.

Recently, the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate and the School of Law announced that it has joined forces to offer two $20,000 scholarships for JD/MSRE candidates applying for the dual degree program before April 1, 2020. Qualified applicants would be required to begin the MSRE program in fall 2020. Prospective JD/MSRE applicants are required to complete an online application and a scholarship essay by April 1, 2020.

“There is a great need for knowledgeable real estate attorneys,” says Catherine Northcutt, community outreach and MSRE recruitment manager. “This dual degree program presents law students with an incredible opportunity to expand their knowledge with an added real estate concentration. Students dive deep into commercial real estate topics, including market analysis, development, valuation, investment and technologies, including the ARGUS software. Students also gain the benefit of enhancing their legal and real estate networks simultaneously.”

Kemberly “Kemi” Kantor ’17, ’19 MSRE, ’21 JD was the first student to complete the MSRE portion of the JD/MSRE dual degree in May 2019.

“I am thrilled to have embarked on this dual degree program,” says Kantor. “I landed an excellent internship with the in-house legal team at Realty Income Corporation.”

In an interview with Kemi in 2019, she shared her passion for both real estate and law. She told us that she loves real estate due to its naturally evolving and changing nature and she likes the rigidness of law to limit some of the risks associated with the changing aspect of real estate.

Kemi also shared that her dream job will involve transactional real estate law.

“I envision myself negotiating and drafting contracts for all types of real estate transactions,” says Kantor. “Through this dual degree program, I’ve come to understand the terms and concepts that are included in these types of contracts. While law school teaches me how to draft a basic contract, the MSRE program taught me key concepts of real estate so that I am prepared to draft specialized contracts depending on each client’s situation.”

The Next MSRE Application Deadline is March 1, 2020. See MSRE Application Requirements.

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