USD Real Estate Classmates Collaborate on New Home Purchase

Monday, October 14, 2019

Photo is of Mitch Di Lorenzo, Gage Murphy and Alex Murphy

It gives the USD School of Business real estate faculty and the Burnham-Moores Center team great satisfaction when we receive heart-felt stories from real estate students. Gage Murphy '19 recently reached out to Professor John Demas, clinical professor of real estate at the USD School of Business, in October with a special thanks and a great story. 

Gage’s classmate Mitchel DiLorenzo '19 convinced Gage to take the REAL 320 course (Principles of Real Estate), taught by Professor Demas, at the beginning of Gage’s senior year. 

“This was one of the best decisions I ever made because it awakened my passion for real estate and has led to some awesome opportunities,” says Gage. 

A few months after graduation, Mitch obtained his real estate license and Gage became eligible for his VA loan. Gage and his wife, Alex, jumped at the opportunity to purchase a condo and they worked with Mitch as their agent. 

“I am so happy that I was able to help Gage and Alex buy their first home,” says Mitch. “We truly took an analytical approach that is not often seen in the residential real estate market and found a great deal. This home is an investment that will enable Gage and Alex to build future financial freedom and family security. I am blessed to be a part of such a major decision.”

While making this investment, Gage recalls a number of conversations he and Mitch had referencing back to what they learned in class with Professor Demas at the helm. 

“I can’t tell you how many times we referenced Professor Demas’ class and the things he taught us,” says Gage. “Thank you for being a passionate professor who really cares about the success of students. Tell your class that it’s possible for students to start their real estate journey even a few months after graduating.” 

Gage says one of the most valuable lessons he obtained in Professor Demas’ class is networking and engaging with your classmates. 

“The most important thing I learned was to meet the people next to us, as we will be the ones running the show in a few years,” says Gage. “My home buying experience happened largely through working with my peers.”

Professor Demas has received a number of great student stories over his years at USD and he is proud of the great stories students share with him while they are students at USD and those stories alumni share after they graduate.

“Having Mitch and Gage share their career and transaction success validates why I teach,” says Professor Demas. “I’m delighted to see Mitch and Gage collaborate with USD’s network of more than 1500 real estate graduates within a few short months of graduation. There’s no better compliment than sharing in the joy of their first of many transactions.”


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