Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate Honors Six Emeritus Policy Advisory Board Members

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Photo of Mark Riedy, PhD, Dan Mulvihill and Stath Karras at the June 4, 2019 Emeritus PAB Meeting

At a policy advisory board (PAB) meeting on June 4, the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate (BMC) named six policy advisory board members as Emeritus members of the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate. The six Emeritus members include: Malin Burnham, Ian M. Gill, Sherman D. Harmer, Jr., John Jay Moores, Daniel F. Mulvihill and Mark J. Riedy. These members have made significant contributions in time, talent and treasure and are a powerful reminder that great ideas, driven unselfishly by members of the San Diego community, can yield significant contributions decades later.

More than 25 years ago, Dan Mulvihill had the idea of creating a world-class real estate program at the University of San Diego School of Business. The real estate industry embraced Dan’s idea and came together and raised $1.5 million to endow the Ernest W. Hahn Chair of Real Estate Finance. This endowment enabled the hiring of the real estate program’s first executive director, Mark Riedy, PhD.

Dan and Mark were both honored with Emeritus certificates at the June meeting. Dan’s Emeritus certificate states: “Single-handedly secured approval for and recruited Dr. Riedy to build USD’s real estate program in 1992; chaired and generously supported the endowment campaign for the Hahn Chair of Real Estate Finance; championed USD’s real estate program with industry leaders; and became the founding member of the policy advisory board in 1995.”

Mark served as the executive director of the Burnham-Moores Center from 1993-2015. He was honored with an Emeritus certificate which states: “As founding executive director, enlisted industry leaders to create nationally recognized undergraduate and graduate real estate programs; formed the policy advisory board; engaged senior executives as professors, mentors, conference speakers and employers; attracted outstanding faculty and a team of professionals dedicated to student success; and built a solid foundation of endowments, scholarships, gifts and conference revenues.”

Sherman “Sherm” Harmer, Jr., president of Urban Housing Partners, was one of the first members of the BMC policy advisory board when it was formed in 1995, as part of USD’s real estate program. Sherm was also honored with the Emeritus status and his certificate states: “Chaired the policy advisory board from 2005-2011; founding member from 1995-2015; received the Mulvihill Leadership Award in 2011; guided rapid growth of the real estate program and expanded visibility to the industry; taught real estate development course to MSRE students from 2005-2014; forged strong student-industry relationships; and expanded students’ career opportunities.”

As the USD real estate program expanded, it became apparent that increased endowment would further secure the future of the program. In 2004, in recognition of a $5 million endowment, led by the generosity of John Moores, founder of JMI, and Malin Burnham, chairman of the Burnham Foundation, and including funding from the senior management and brokers of Burnham Real Estate Services, the program was named the “Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate.” Both Malin Burnham and John Moores were formally recognized as Emeritus members of the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate policy advisory board.

John’s certificate states: “Visionary leader for the redevelopment of downtown San Diego; provided guidance and the critical capital investment needed to establish the Burnham-Moores Center Endowment, which created the foundation for building the USD real estate program; and encouraged the participation by the Burnham Real Estate brokers to fully fund the Burnham-Moores Center Endowment.”

Malin’s certificate states: “Continuous support of scholarships for real estate students, enhancing the Burnham- Moores Center’s mission; provided guidance and capital in the establishment of the Burnham-Moores Endowment, which created the foundation for building the real estate program; and offered direct and exemplary mentorship to many of San Diego’s real estate and community leaders.”

Finally, the Chair of the policy advisory board, Ian Gill was named an Emeritus member in recognition of his contributions to the PAB over the last ten years. Ian joined the PAB in 2008 and has served as an adjunct professor in the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) program. His certificate states: “Chaired the policy advisory board from 2011-present; broadened industry leader participation on the policy advisory board; enhanced the Center’s financial soundness; guaranteed mentors and internships for students; guided USD on executive director transition in 2015; and educated and inspired hundreds of MSRE students."

The Burnham-Moores Center congratulates these leaders and recognizes that the great ideas and hard work of these six members, has led to the on-going success of the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate and its multi-year ranking as the #1 real estate college in the U.S.

At the meeting, the USD undergraduate real estate NAIOP team presented an overview from their first place submission from the 2019 NAIOP University Challenge. Real estate graduate students from the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) program also presented their first place case submission from the 2019 ARGUS University Challenge.


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