Mediation Team Brings Home Multiple Awards and the Valuable Tools to Become Peacemakers

Monday, May 6, 2019TOPICS: Conferences and Workshops

Photo of the USD School of Business' Mediation Team after a win
begin quoteThe constant feedback on our performances from professors who have worked and taught in the legal field for years has contributed to my personal growth.

Earlier this month, members of the USD School of Business' Mediation Team, Zion Reid, Tiffany Elamparo, Andrew Brooksbank, and Alexander Oberman, were accompanied by coach Rick Custin, clinical professor of business law and ethics, and competed in the Mock Mediation Invitational Tournament hosted by the International Academy of Dispute Resolution (INADR) and the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. The undergraduate-level tournament gives students real-life experience taking on the roles of mediator, attorney, and client, with emphasis placed on peacemaking, education and fellowship.

Mediation team members performed exceptionally well at the Mock Mediation Invitational Tournament, earning both first and second place in the team mediator category and fourth place in the advocate/client pair category. Zion Reid, Finance ‘19 also received special recognition in the mediator category, ranking third place amongst all participants in the tournament.

“This weekend was made meaningful not by the medals and trophies awarded to my team, but by the students and faculty we had the chance to engage with,” said Reid. “Ever since joining this team last fall, I am constantly learning better ways to create mutually beneficial conclusions and, more importantly, be a team player. The constant feedback on our performances from professors who have worked and taught in the legal field for years has contributed to my personal growth.”

After joining the INADR as a member of the board of directors, Rick Custin was inspired to establish both a mediation team and club. For the last six years, he has been a fantastic resource, mentor, and coach to the Mediation Team.

“Thanks to the generous support from the USD School of Business and the Kroc School of Peace Studies, I have been able to coach the mediation team continuously since its inception in 2013,” says Professor Custin. “Coaching the team and advising the club allows me to engage with outstanding USD School of Business students demonstrating an interest and aptitude in mediation and law.”

The Mediation Team thrives on the student-mentor relationship provided through the Mediation Club. As a mentor, Professor Custin enjoys engaging with students who are eager to learn about the field of business law, passing on his knowledge to the next generation of ethical business leaders. Meanwhile, Reid and his teammates get the opportunity to build professional connections with USD faculty and field experts, as well as push their learning further through feedback and mentorship.

“The best part of the tournament was bonding with my team and my advisor, Professor Custin,” says Mediation Team member Tiffany Elamparo, Economics '20. “I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing and intelligent people, and seeing all of our hard work pay off makes our experience at these tournaments all worthwhile.”  

The team bonding experience and competitive spirit will continue into the next school year as the Mediation Team has been invited to take part in the annual intercollegiate mediation tournament this Fall in Toronto, Canada.


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