Ahlers Center Speaker Series Invites International Business Experts to Campus

Friday, November 9, 2018

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begin quoteRich Yousko, Business Administration alumnus ‘87, was a recent speaker who shared his entrepreneurial journey and the unique obstacles he has encountered throughout his career.

Throughout the semester, the Ahlers Center for International Business invites USD students, employees, alumni and members of the business community to hear from distinguished international business experts and scholars at the International Speaker Series. The Series features presentations on topics ranging from creating a culturally relevant brand and building a successful retail business in today’s global landscape, to the economic relations between the U.S. and EU in a post-financial crisis era.

Rich Yousko, Business Administration ‘87, was a recent speaker who shared his entrepreneurial journey and the unique obstacles that he has encountered throughout his career. 

“[Entrepreneurship] is a whole different world when you’re actually doing it,” said Yousko. “There’s always a solution [to a business problem]. You just need to figure out how you get there.”

Yousko worked at The Coleman Company before launching his own manufacturing and distribution business, SJ Creations, with wife and business partner, Sundi Yousko. Today, the company has an annual revenue of approximately $20 million, with bath and body products serving as its core business.

During his presentation, Yousko recounted a situation he experienced early on in his entrepreneurial career where he received an order from Trader Joe’s for 5,000 units of a product. After closing the deal, he was confronted with an issue in fulfilling the order -- the manufacturer would only ship a minimum quantity of 50,000 units. What is one to do next? Yousko turned a major problem into a major opportunity by convincing Trader Joe’s that it was a better deal to purchase an additional 45,000 units of their product.

“Entrepreneurship is full of people just making it happen,” said Yousko.

This business lesson is just one of many that experts have imparted during their presentations at the Ahlers Center International Speaker Series. On November 28, 2018, the International Speaker Series will feature Dr. John Langford, Chairman and CEO of Aurora Flight Sciences (a Boeing Company) to discuss “Smarter Aircraft Through Advanced Autonomy” and its plans to introduce innovations to market that will enable the next generation of autonomous flight through real-world demonstrations. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to hear about innovation and the future of air travel here on campus. Lunch will be served. Register here.

Undergraduate students, the Ahlers Center International Speaker Series is Passport Point approved.


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