USD Real Estate Majors and Minors at Record High

Thursday, December 14, 2017

In December 2017, the University of San Diego School of Business reported record high numbers of students studying real estate.

More than 115 students declared real estate as their major and 27 students declared real estate as their minor. In November 2017 alone, 10 school of business students declared real estate as their major. Compared to December 2016, the total number of real estate students increased by 17% (16% in majors and 23% in minors).

"The Burnham-Moores Center team is very proud of this significant increase," says Stath Karras, executive director of the BMC. "Our team exists to ensure student success at every step of their academic journey so that they can build a meaningful and lasting career in the real estate industry."

The BMC team focuses its efforts on educating undergraduate students of the benefits of pursuing a career in real estate, arranges student mentorships, internships, offers career assessment tools to help each student gauge the right career path  available to them. In conjunction with the BMC's student-centric mission, one-on-one personalized coaching, conferences, Real Estate Career Expo, and networking,  the student-run Real Estate Society offers countless opportunities for students to learn about the benefits of building a career in real estate.

For more information about a major or minor in real estate, contact Jackie Greulich, student and career services manager, at the BMC.