Innovation for Global Good

Monday, August 28, 2017

Social Innovation Challenge Finalists 2017Social Innovation Challenge Finalists 2017

In 2000, 189 countries joined to develop the Millennium Development Goals to imagine a collective future. These original goals helped the international community keep score on reducing the reality of hunger and poverty and increasing the provision of education and health. Today, the international community is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals, our benchmark for a re-designed world by 2030.

At University of San Diego’s Center for Peace and Commerce, we’re doing our part to achieve these goals as we resource, recognize, and reward student social entrepreneurs addressing the global challenges faced by our common home.

Now in its eighth year, our Social Innovation Challenge is a global convening of innovators from universities worldwide that study global challenges and propose sustainable enterprises in response. Students develop empathy, unleash creativity, apply human-centered design approaches, and leverage a multitude of business models to build solutions for the global challenges. Here are three examples:

Good Health and Well-Being

Amniotic Wrap is a social enterprise committed to eliminating postpartum depression by improving the communication and connection between parent and child using bio-feedback.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Trash Tracker is a firm with the mission to increase residential recycling rates by leveraging technology,  psychology, and a robust incentive program.  

Partnership for Shared Goals

Foothold Foundation understands that to make the greatest change in our communities, it is essential for social impact organizations to work together and thus provides direct support for the important work that happens between organizations so that more collaboration can happen.

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