USD MSRE Students Impress Judges on Final Eco-Village Presentations

Thursday, June 1, 2017

MSRE FInal Eco-Village Presentations

In May, Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) students in Adjunct Professor in Real Estate Danielle Horton’s Sustainable Real Estate class at USD presented projects of sustainable mixed-use eco-village developments, which included commercial, residential and sustainability amenities. The students proposed innovative solutions (including design, feasibility assessment and financial analysis) to help address housing demands in a sustainable and affordable manner. Solutions for the live-work sustainable developments included net positive buildings, pre-fab construction, opportunities for health and wellness, shipping containers and adaptive reuse of big box retail centers. Key sustainability amenities included solar panels, local food production, EV charging stations and energy and water saving strategies.

The MSRE students presented their concepts to a panel of seven judges including: real estate developers Carroll Whaller and Derek Whachter; contractor Jeff Bishop; landscape architect Jennifer Phelps; sustainability expert Shubha Mohunta; property manager Julia de Luca; and investor Andrew Horton. The judges were very impressed with the proposals.

The top three student projects received medals of recognition. Nick Kolbe ’17 MSRE, Adam Goff, ’17 MSRE and Christian Holbrook ’18 MSRE took the first place with sophisticated 3D renderings of their sustainable live work project. Other team projects included use of shipping containers to create an affordable eco-village concept; creative solutions for a mixed use development, with amenities including a tilapia farm on-site; adaptive reuse concepts, using big box retail which repurposed some of the parking areas for solar carports and a community garden; and higher density, sustainable and affordable developments by incorporating prefabricated modules into the concept.

“Horton’s five teams presented creative, innovative and truly unique conceptual sustainable developments and USD should be proud of both its faculty and students,” says Carol Whaler, executive vice president of residential asset management at H.G. Fenton

Congratulations to all the students for their innovative solutions for solving our housing and environmental needs in an efficient, healthier and profitable way.