Fall First Year Orientation

At this time, we are building our onboarding schedule for Fall 2021! We will release more information as soon as we are able.


It's here. College. You’ve been planning for it, dreaming about it, and now, it’s go time. We know it can be overwhelming, we're here to make it easier. Orientation (aka, onboarding) at USD is here to help you achieve the following: 

  1. Prepare for Classes: College courses are different from high school. We will help you confidently walk into your first day of class and beyond.
  2. Meet Others: Will there be others who like the same things I do? What if I want to try something completely new? We have planned opportunities for you to meet others and begin the process of forming new relationships.
  3. Be Informed: We know there’s a lot to learn. What's a meal plan? How would I find a therapist on campus? What clubs are there? We have carefully planned sessions to introduce resources available on campus so you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

At the end of this program, you will be prepared to start your on-campus Torero journey. You are required to attend orientation (summer and fall components). We will make accommodations for students who may still be in remote learning in Fall 2021.

**If you are an international student, you are also required to attend International Orientation that takes place in the week leading up to Opening Weekend. Visit the International Students and Scholars page for more information on International Orientation.

If you are a student with a documented disability who may require a specific accommodation, please contact the Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center (DLDRC) prior to your arrival on campus. Formally registering with the DLDRC will allow USD to work with you to provide appropriate accommodations. For information on disability accommodations, please visit the DLDRC website or contact a DLDRC professional (email: disabilityservices@sandiego.edu, phone: 619-260-4655).

Summer Send-Offs

Summer-Send Offs are regional events throughout the summer designed to help you meet your peers and get your questions answered from current students and staff members! This year, we will host online virtual events and are so excited to meet you! We are in the process of developing the schedule and will release it as soon as we are able. 

2021 Summer Orientation

*We are in the process of developing all orientation content for 2021 and will release information as soon as we are able to. Please note that due to COVID-19, plans may continue to be flexible throughout the summer. 

This year’s orientation is designed to provide a unique experience throughout the summer as we connect with, inform, and educate you. As part of your remote orientation, you will access an online platform called the Torero Ambassador Network. Within this platform, you will be assigned a themed pathway each week to guide your learning. You are required to participate in New Torero Orientation and complete your pathways, as outlined below.

Please see this video tutorial on how to use the Torero Ambassador Network! 


  • Week 1 - You and Connection
  • Week 2 - You and Community
  • Week 3 - You and Campus Resources
  • Week 4 - Academic Resources
  • Opening Weekend (August 15 - 16)
  • Did you miss one of your live sessions?

Pre-Orientation Experiences

Prior to the start of the semester, you have the opportunity to sign up for a Pre-Orientation experience! These programs allow you the opportunity to meet others and begin your Torero experience. These are offered through the Offices of Outdoor Adventures and University Ministry. Please contact these offices directly with questions!

Move-In Day

At this time, we are still working on what move-in looks like! Stay tuned!

If you have questions about orientation, email orientation@sandiego.edu