Fall First-Year Checklist

Applicants for Fall 2021, these dates are NOT updated for this year. Please check back later, but feel free to use this as a guide to what you'll need to do.

You’ve confirmed your enrollment and submitted your deposit. Congratulations - you’re officially a Torero! There’s a few things you need to do before arriving on campus in the fall! Please follow the New Torero Checklist for all the steps you need to complete.

If you get stuck or need more information, refer to your Torero Handbook, which has detailed information on each topic. For certain items, your New Torero Checklist progress can be tracked on your MySanDiego Portal.



  • Claim your USD One Account. We want to give you access to the information you want and need. Your USDOne account will help you stay connected and informed on the things that matter - your academic progress, our state-of-the-art resources, the happenings of the community, and more. If you are not sure how to claim your account, these step-by-step instructions should help you. If you have followed the instructions but the system is just not working, give our friends at the ITS Help Desk a call - they won’t mind!
    • Once you have claimed your USDOne account, hit pause on completing the next steps on this list. We want to make sure your new account is active in all of our systems, which can sometimes take a full day. 
    • From now on, you will NOT receive any emails to your personal email accounts (Yahoo, AOL, etc). Be sure to check your USD email regularly for important updates and information.
  • Attend the first New Torero webcast:
  • Get Classes & Housing:
    • First: Take your math and language placement exams or complete a waiver. This will ensure you don’t end up in fifth semester German, when you don’t speak German... 
    • Second: Review the companion guide and decide on your LLC course. Are you a Collaborator? An Advocate? Each LLC has a unique theme and mission that you can align yourself with. Visit www.sandiego.edu/llc to read each LLC description and find out which best fits your values. 
    • Third: Complete your First-Year Advising Questionnaire and preference your LLC and course. The Questionnaire drops on May 13 @ 2 p.m. PT. It isn’t a race to finish, but we do need you to complete your preferences by May 22Students who were granted June 1 deposit extensions have until June 9 to complete the questionnaire. If you plan to sign up for housing, you MUST finish the advising questionnaire before you get access to the housing sign-ups.
    • Fourth: Housing Sign-Ups: If you’re planning to live on campus, the housing application drops May 14 @ 2 p.m. PT. This also is due May 22 (or June 9 if you have an extension!). If you plan to commute to campus, skip this step!  


  • Summer Bridge: If applicable, submit your Summer Bridge Application by June 12.
  • Send Academic Information: In order to make sure you get the right classes, we need your official high school transcript showing graduation date, AP and IB scores, and transcripts of any college work you’ve completed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. USD's school code is 4849. These are due June 30th!
    • As much as we love the powers of modern technology, we can’t accept any screenshots of grades, or unofficial transcripts. 
    • If you are experiencing challenges associated with COVID-19 related distance learning and it is not possible for you to get official transcripts by then, please let us know by emailing admissions@sandiego.edu and we will work with you to find an alternative while we wait for your officials.
  • Portal Check: Check your MySanDiego portal for any outstanding financial aid requirements.
  • Sign up for Summer Send-Off Informationals and Socials! Informationals will give you the latest information throughout the summer, and Socials will connect you live, virtually, with Toreros near your hometown and you can get your questions answered.  This month's Informational will air on Wednesday, June, 17th.  Watch for notifications or view at a later date on the Orientation website.
  • Select your meal plan: Here at USD, we take food pretty seriously, number 19 in the country seriously. Evaluate your meal plan options and pick one by July 1 (or the lowest required plan will be assigned to your account!)
  • Immunizations: We’re as committed to your health and well-being as you are. For step-by-step instructions on submitting your immunizations forms, head to the Student Health Center’s page on Required Immunizations and TB Screenings. If you have any questions or concerns about your submission, you’ll want to send a secure message to the Immunizations Team directly through your MyWellness portal. Please have this done by July 1.


  • View the second New Torero webcast:
  • Parent & Family Orientation: Your family and supporters are Toreros now, too! If they plan to attend Parent and Family Orientation in the fall (format TBD), registration opens on July 5th.
  • Class Schedule Release: We know you’re anxiously awaiting your classes! Schedules are released in mid-July (exact date forthcoming). Once your schedule drops, you can consult with a class scheduler over the phone until August 14. 
  • Summer Send-Off Informational #2: Wednesday, July 15, you and your family are invited and encouraged to view the second of three Summer Send-Off Informationals.  If you miss it, you can view them on the Orientation or Parent and Family Relations website.
  • Complete FERPA: Per Federal Law, once school starts, you are now the sole party allowed access to your educational documents, unless you say otherwise. Talk with your parents or supporters about who, if anyone, will be authorized to view your information. Give these people access by the end of the month through your portal. 
  • Online Wellness Course: As part of our commitment to the well-being of our students and to creating a diverse and welcoming community, all new undergraduate students are required to complete an online education course series. For instructions, deadlines, and more information about this course requirement, visit the New Student Education website.
  • Wellness Check-In: If you have an on-going psychological or physical health condition, need regular access to prescription medication, or have a documented disability requesting accommodation, please contact the appropriate Wellness unit prior to arriving on campus. 


  • Sign up for Health Insurance: We want to make sure you are covered for anything, so health insurance is required to attend USD. Learn more about USD's health insurance requirements, then submit an online form to actively enroll in or waive USD’s Health Insurance Plan requirements for all USD students. Actively enroll in or waive the USD Health Insurance Plan by September 14. 
  • Summer Send-Off Informational #3: Wednesday, August 5, you and your family are invited and encouraged to view the third Summer Send-Off Informational.  If you miss it, you can view the series on the Orientation or Parent and Family Relations website.
  • Meet your LLC Faculty Advisor: On August 10, you'll receive a virtual introduction from your LLC professor who will serve as your academic advisor for your first year. Learn more about your Academic Team @ USD
  • Pay your Bill: To pay your bill or register for a payment plan, you will need to access your Student Account in your MySanDiego Portal. To access your Student Account, navigate to the "Torero Hub" tab and the "My Student Account" sub-tab.
  • Submit your ID Card Photo: Your Torero ID card will give you access to services both on and off-campus. To submit your photo for your ID card, log in to your MySanDiego Portal, navigate to the "Torero Hub" tab and the "My Torero Services" sub-tab, and search for "Upload your Photo." 
  • Order your course materials: The Torero Store has everything you could want for classes, and all your correct edition books. Visit usdtorerostore.com.
If you have questions about class registration, email firstreg@sandiego.edu. If you have questions about orientation or your New Torero Checklist, email orientation@sandiego.edu.