Transfer Class Registration

Once you’ve completed the required steps on the timeline below, you’ll receive an email from your school or college with an invitation for academic advising. Your advising meeting is your opportunity to start your academic career on the right step - ask questions, make a plan. Once you’ve met with your academic advisor, they will lift the advising hold from your account so you can register for classes.

The information on this page will help you keep track as you prepare to meet with your advisor, but it doesn't have all the information you'll need to start at USD. For more information, check out our Getting Started page.


The Liberal Arts and the Core Curriculum

USD has a proud history as a liberal arts institution. A liberal arts background enables one to be a multifaceted thinker and scholar, with a curious mind and the skills needed to analyze the world from myriad perspectives. No matter your passions or major, the liberal arts will propel you to a successful future.

To learn more about the liberal arts and its connection to the core curriculum, visit the Core Curriculum website.


Your Advising Team

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