Timeline for First-Year Class Registration


first-year class registration timeline




Claim your USDOne account

By May 2

As soon as you deposit.


Watch 'Get Classes'

Learn about academics and your class schedule at USD.

May 6 at 6 PM Pacific Time (PT)

Not applicable.


Take Placement Exams: 

Language Placement (or complete Waiver)

Math Placement (if plan to take math in your first semester)


Guide to the Questionnaire

LLC courses/themes (Fall only)

Before completing the advising questionnaire.

Before completing the advising questionnaire.


Submit Advising Questionnaire


Launches May 13 at 2 PM PT

On a rolling basis after depositing and claiming your USD One Account.


Submit Housing Questionnaire


Launches May 14 at 2 PM PT 

On a rolling basis after completing Advising Questionnaire.

Advising and Housing Questionnaires Due

May 22 

As soon as possible.

Make sure AP scores/IB and College transcripts are requested to be sent to USD. 

 Late June


As soon as possible.


Immunizations due


July 1

As soon as possible.

Watch 'Get Down to Business'

Learn about paying your bill, getting your financial aid and avoiding long lines on campus.


July 9 at 6 PM PT

Not applicable.


LLC Theme, Housing and Roommate assignments released. 


Early July

All incoming spring first year students will be a part of the Inspire LLC theme.

If applicable, housing will be released mid-January.


Class schedules available on MyAcademics page of the MySanDiego Portal.



July 15

Update 7/15/20 - Due to our wish to be transparent regarding courses that will be taught in a hybrid or fully-remote format for the fall 2020 term, official course schedules will be released in the next couple of days. We appreciate your flexibility and patience as we gear up for the Torero journey that lies ahead! 



Your class scheduler becomes available to support you with critical scheduling questions. Look out for an email from your scheduler.

Schedule a phone appointment with your class scheduler for critical scheduling questions.

July 17 - August 7 


Connect with your LLC class’ Scholastic Assistant (Student Leader).

Early August  


Virtual introduction to your LLC Professor (Faculty Advisor)


August 10

Late January during Spring Orientation 



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