Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the hold on my student account?
  • I hear I have to have health insurance. Does it need to be USD's Health Insurance?
  • What are the AlcoholEdu and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates courses?
  • I am an incoming NCAA student-athlete on a team roster, and my practice times conflict with a class. What should I do?
  • How and when do I buy books?
  • What is New Student Orientation and when does it take place?
  • How do I purchase a parking permit?
  • I want to ship a package to my dorm room. When can I do that?
  • I can't find the answer to my question. How do I find someone to contact?

Class Registration

  • What exactly is an LLC course, and why do I need to take one?
  • How do I take a placement exam?
  • How do I log in to take a Math Placement Exam?
  • Do I need to take a placement exam?
  • How do I send my AP scores to USD?
  • Which AP, IB or CLEP exams count for credit at USD?
  • Why should I attend the "Get Classes" Webcast?
  • Where can I see the "Get Classes" Webcast?
  • What is the Core Curriculum?
  • I want to change my LLC course, how do I do that?
  • Why do I not have a math (or science, etc.) class on my schedule?
  • How can I enroll in Recreation (EDRC) classes?
  • When do I get my schedule?
  • Can I change my schedule?
  • Why does it say I’m undeclared if I specified my requested major on the Questionnaire?
  • Why does it say I’m in the College of Arts and Sciences if I want to be in the School of Business or the School of Engineering?

Advising Questionnaire

Housing and Residential Life

  • I am an incoming NCAA student-athlete who would like to live with non-athletes. What should I do?
  • How is my housing assigned?
  • Can I request a roommate?

Campus Services

  • What is Student Support Services?
If you have additional questions about class registration, email