First-Year Class Registration

Now that you’re a New Torero, this is your guide to getting your class schedule for your first semester at USD.

Academics @ USD

You can expect to have a mix of courses in your first semester at USD including Core Curriculum and preparation for a major of interest, if you have one. Whether you already have an idea of what you want to major in or not, our Core Curriculum will allow you to experience the breadth of the liberal arts and explore a wide variety of courses as you work your way toward graduation. 

We will help you find your way

Start by letting us know about your academic interests by filling out the First-Year Advising Questionnaire on the MySanDiego Portal. One of our Class Schedulers will examine your preferences along with any College-level credit -- AP, IB, CLEP and/or courses taken during high school at another institution -- and from that we will build your first semester class schedule.

First-Year Advising Questionnaire

The Advising Questionnaire is the way Class Schedulers will know your preferences for classes and create your schedule for your first semester.

What classes do you want to take?

Completing the First-Year Advising Questionnaire is the first step in determining your course schedule. Need help filling out the questionnaire? Our Guide to the First-Year Advising Questionnaire will walk you through and help you understand the process. We recommend you review the guide and the timeline first to make filling out the questionnaire easier.

Guide to the Advising Questionnaire

Have more questions? Check out our Advising Questionnaire FAQs.

Academic Advising @ USD - Your Academic Team

Class Scheduler: Once your Class Scheduler builds your first semester schedule, you will have an opportunity to communicate any urgent schedule requests either via email or by setting up a virtual appointment after the schedules are released.

LLC Faculty Advisor: You will have a virtual introduction to your LLC class professor prior to arriving to USD. This professor will serve as your Faculty Advisor until you officially declare your major. They will help explore academic areas of interest and guide you to make sure you are selecting the right courses for the upcoming semester(s) and will introduce you to important resources that will help you in your transition to USD.

Major Area Advisor: Once you officially declare your major, you will be paired with the appropriate Academic Advisor. Majors in the College of Arts and Sciences will have a Faculty Advisor from the area they are majoring in. School of Business students will be assigned to a professional advisor in the Advising Office. Students majoring in Engineering or Computer Science will have a combination -- a Faculty Advisor while also having access to a professional advisor. In all cases, you should plan to connect with your advisor on a regular basis (at least once a semester) to make sure you are selecting the proper classes to fulfill Core and major requirements. This will also ensure that you are on track to graduate and maximize opportunities to allow you to go on to meet your post-graduation goals.

Have any questions about your first semester Class Registration?

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