students holding sign saying Mortar Board scholarship leadership team

USD Mortar Board Changemakers!

Member Benefits

Being a member of Mortar Board is an honor and a privilege. Mortar Board promotes interaction within a select group of fellow student leaders and pursuit of projects of interest to the chapter. Members also benefit from their relationships with Faculty Advisors, who attend meetings and events, as well as with San Diego County Mortar Board Alumni Members. Finally, members of Mortar Board are eligible to apply for scholarships and fellowships for graduate school.

USD Mortar Board Selection

Mortar Board selection occurs in the spring semester. Juniors whose cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) places them in the top 35% of their class, receive information materials and are asked to submit a resume, a faculty letter of recommendation, a personal essay, and USD Registrar’s verification of GPA. The submitted information is reviewed by the current Mortar Board members, who then cast their votes for the most qualified students.

Selection is an important process. Mortar Board members determine who will carry the torch of Mortar Board after the current members have graduated. The entire chapter takes part in reviewing the materials submitted by each potential new member, and participates in the discussion and selection of new members.

Newly selected members are “tapped” in class, where they are invited to become members of USD Mortar Board and receive information about Orientation and Initiation. Membership is competitive, and the chapter typically selects no more than thirty new members for the following year.