Scholarship, Leadership and Service

"Scholars who Enjoy Rewarding Volunteerism and Involvement in the Community through Educational leadership." (SERVICE) This is the personalized mission statement for the University of San Diego Mortar Board Chapter. This idea was created at the first annual Mortar Board retreat.

The purpose of Mortar Board is best stated in the preamble of the organization's constitution:

"To facilitate cooperation among senior honor societies, to contribute to the self-awareness of its members, to promote equal opportunities among all peoples, to emphasize the advancement of the status of women, to support the ideas of the university, to advance a spirit of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, to provide service, and to establish the opportunity for meaningful exchange of ideas as individuals and as a group."

All of the Mortar Board students are enthusiastic for the upcoming year. The students plan to fulfill their mission statement to the best of their ability and look forward to carrying the honor and prestige of being a Mortar Board member.