Liturgical Ministry

Cross bearer

Students interested in serving the Founders Chapel community are encouraged to volunteer for one of the following roles:

  • Altar Servers: Prepare the altar and assist the priest during Mass.
  • Cross Bearer: Carry the cross before and after the Mass.
  • Eucharistic Ministers: Distribute the Eucharist to the community during Mass.
  • Gift Bearer: Present the bread and wine during Mass.
  • Ministers of Hospitality: Create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere by greeting the community and attending to their needs.
  • Ministers of the Word: Proclaim the Scriptures and Prayers of the Faithful during Mass.

All who are interested are welcome to serve in these roles. No previous experience is necessary. In addition to a desire and commitment to serve, a one hour training session is required. These training sessions are arranged according to students’ schedules. 

For more information, contact Mary Kruer (