Pre-Orientation Retreat

August 26-28, 2020

Exclusively for first-year students, the University Ministry Pre-O Retreat offers the opportunity for new USD students to get to know others who are both excited and nervous about their new life as a college student. Past participants have loved Pre-O because they were able to start USD with friendships already in place even before Ole! Weekend began.

A dynamic and talented group of upper-class students leads this retreat. These students share their experiences at USD, lead small groups, and facilitate conversation about how to live a life of faith while in college. In addition to meeting other students and finding support from upperclassmen, participants have the opportunity to hike, swim, and enjoy other recreational activities.

As an added bonus, Pre-O participants move in a few days early, avoiding the rush during orientation and benefiting from the first choice of beds in your room.

Important information for the retreat

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Should my family help me move-in for Pre-O or should they arrive after the retreat?
  • I am flying to San Diego. How do I get from the airport to USD?
  • Is the retreat open to international students?
  • Can I attend both Summer Bridge (through SSS) and Pre-O Retreat?
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