University Ministry Scholars


 The USD University Ministry Scholarship is designed to encourage and support students to grow in their faith, discern their vocation, explore ways of being in solidarity with marginalized communities and prepare to address humanity’s urgent challenges.

This scholarship program is a four-year formational track in which each year builds upon the last.  When they graduate from USD, the rich and comprehensive ministerial experiences of UM Scholars will equip them to be leaders in their parish and other faith communities. 


This annual, renewable, need-based scholarship is available to Catholic students who have demonstrated consistent engagement and servant leadership in their parish, school and community. Admitted students who meet the necessary criteria are invited to apply via email.

Students who receive the award are expected to continue their engagement and servant leadership at USD through programs offered by University Ministry.  The scholarship is $5,000 per year and awarded to approximately 20 incoming students each year.  

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“Being a UM Scholar has allowed me to really take my faith journey to a whole new level. It has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful people who are driven and passionate about their faith and it is truly heartwarming and inspiring. Being a UM Scholar has allowed me to join a wonderful community that has Christ in the center of it and because of it I have made many lifelong friendships that are joyful and beautiful.” - Soledad Parra, ‘23

"UM Scholars has not only given me a close-knit community with my peers but also a support system of all the resident ministers!" - Helena Pham, ‘21

"Being a UM Scholar means that I get to go through college with like-minded individuals who care about their relationship with community and faith. Growing as a person, especially as a college student, with people who prioritize faith and scholarship is something unique to this program and I am grateful for a family that is always willing to support me no matter the time or circumstance."  - Tyler Pugmire '23

“What I appreciate most about being part of UM Scholars is the passion, the drive, the responsiveness, awareness, compassion, and authenticity that exists within all UM Scholars. UM Scholars are all very diverse and unique from one another; but one thing we all share is our love for change, for our beliefs, and for our community. This is what makes being part of UM Scholars, not a commitment, not just an organization, but a family.” -Mariafernanda Teran

"My favorite part about being a UM scholar is the rich community that it has given me. My fellow scholars are people I know I can trust and lean on, regardless of how often I see them. I've met some of my closest friends through University Ministry and I am so thankful I get to go through college with them." -Vivian Mateos Zuniga ‘22