Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


IS 55:10-11
ROM 8:18-23
MT 13:1-23


As I was driving home from summer school this week, the announcer on the radio said something that really hit home for me. He had just finished a phone call with someone who was going through a rough situation when he said: “When you think that you are broken inside, remember that even a broken crayon still colors just fine.”

Those last eight words really hit me, and drove something home that I had been trying to pin down for quite a while now.

Throughout my first two semesters at USD, I was continuously being too hard on myself. I would get on myself for not working on personal projects enough, for not managing my time better, for failing to work on some of my bad habits, and for not spending enough time with my friends and with God. The list seemed to go on and on, and it got to a point that even my parents asked me if I was okay during my weekly phone calls with them. In a way, I was making it seem as if I was the path, the thorns, or the rocky ground in this week’s Gospel. It was as if I assumed that I would stay that way forever, and that I would never be able to change my ways or get better because I seemed to be doing so much wrong that it would be impossible to fix it all. However, just like how a broken crayon still colors just fine, this Gospel reminds me that I am just a seed, nothing more and nothing less.  I have been given many blessings from God, but I am still just a seed. In doing so, it reminds me that I can change the soil that my seed is planted in, but it will take time and effort to change my life just like how it takes time to improve the soil in a field.

A professor of mine once said that the way you eat an elephant is “one bite (it was a programming class) at a time.” He wasn’t speaking of a physical elephant, but of a large challenge, and just like you approach a big problem one step at a time, I have begun to improve my life and the way that I look at myself “one bite at a time.”  I have begun to work on creating better habits for myself and getting rid of the bad ones, but I take everything one step at a time.

I understand that I will fall sometimes, but I take each failure as a lesson and keep moving on. With time, I hope to become the person that God wants me to be, and I hope that my seed ends up being in rich soil that allows it to bear much fruit.

As you go through the week ahead, don’t just think about the soil that you are right now. Think about the soil that you want to become. Set reachable goals for yourself. Remember that nothing happens overnight, and understand that failure is just an opportunity to get better. Remember that broken crayons still write perfectly fine, and don’t discourage yourself by getting down on your faults. You are a seed filled with many blessings from God, nothing more and nothing less, and this means that you decide the soil your seed ends up in. Keep working at becoming a better you, and remember that big challenges are overcome one “bite” at a time. Keep working at it, and never lose hope because a positive attitude is always better than a negative one. With time I know you will succeed, and I pray that you are able to stick with no matter where you are or what situation you are in. Have a Blessed Week.

- David Hunt, ‘20