Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Is 66:10-14c
Gal 6:14-18
Lk 10:1-12, 17-20


I vividly remember the exact details of where I was when I saw Pope Francis for the first time. At Cathedral Catholic High School, I recall being in a classroom during lunch on March 13, 2013. It was there that I watched the live feed of the Vatican when I saw Pope Francis walk out onto the balcony and present a humble yet confident wave to the crowds below. At that exact moment I understood that this Pope would be both different and revolutionary. In the second reading this week we hear, in a letter to the Galatians, the theme of humility and simplicity. Pope Francis is the definition of humble and its apparent. Pope Francis brings a refreshing perspective to the table of the importance that in reality nothing is as important as trust in God and following the Golden Rule.

Throughout all of the hustle and bustle of my life, growing up Catholic and always hearing many different perspectives on the faith itself, it’s difficult sometimes to step back and see the big picture. To me, the big picture lies in trusting in God. Pope Francis makes it look awfully easy but it’s something that I personally find challenging. I have been very blessed in this life but God has definitely given me some speedbumps. However, with each obstacle, I know that God has also given me the strength to overcome them. The picture I chose to pair with this reflection exhibits the importance, even if you are exhausted on a snowy cliff, to trust in God that he has given you the strength to keep going. My challenge to each of you is to trust in God and remember that God is Good, All of the Time

-Denis Howell '17