Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


2 Kgs 4:8-11

Rom 6: 3-4

Mt 10: 37-42

Readings found on USCCB


Today’s readings address the theme of living like Christ through the service of others.  The first reading from the 2nd Book of Kings gives an example of how doing something small, such as the woman arranging a room for the prophet Elisha, leads to a blessing later.  In the Gospel reading, Jesus speaks about doing smaller actions, such as receiving a prophet or giving water to a disciple, which leads to great rewards later.  Living like Christ does not necessarily mean that we must do big, public acts of help and kindness to others. Even the smallest acts of kindness done quietly can make a world of difference. Simply smiling at someone when you pass by them or just asking someone how they are doing when you see them can be all that it takes to change someone’s day. 


As I look back on my first year at USD, one of the biggest influences was University Ministry and Founders Chapel. What started as signing up to be an altar server and then a violinist for the Founders Chapel Choir turned into a year-long journey of meeting new and different people and growing in my faith.  Even though I was doing something that was quite small in the grand scheme of things, such as being an altar server at the Daily Mass, it was precisely such small things that added up to something much bigger - helping other people and becoming more like Christ.

One of the times where a small action meant so much more occurred at Christmas time.  I was helping to set up the Christmas tree in the Chapel foyer.  After spending three hours on the tree, I still felt as though it was not complete.  However, everyone else agreed that we were finished decorating the tree, and so we left the tree alone.  Throughout the rest of that week, and the following weeks, we heard many compliments from many people saying they thought the tree looked amazing and that whoever did the work did a great job.  Even though I did something small, it had a major impact.

As I think about next year, I am aware that I have been greatly blessed to have received a scholarship and be chosen to serve as a UM RA, a role that will allow me to build on the small roles I've already taken on in University Ministry.  I am convinced that if we invest in Christ with small acts of charity, the return will be unmeasurable.

-Tomy Vettukallel, '20