Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sir 3:1718, 20, 28-29
Heb 12:18-19, 22-24a
Lk 14:1, 7-14


Strangely, the end of the summer is one of my favorite parts of the season.  This is because I am lucky enough to have such an amazing family at USD to return to every fall.  Right before I return, I have had the privilege for the last two years of being a leader on the University Ministry Pre-Orientation Retreat.  The experience of leading this retreat has taught me so much about myself, about community, about leading, and about my relationship with God.

I think it’s so beautiful and fitting that the scripture today focuses on humility and relying on God.  For me, these ideas go hand in hand.  My journey of leading the Pre-Orientation Retreat has taught me that you can’t plan for every situation, but God will always provide.  When I am so excited to welcome new students and help them in their transition to college, I have to remind myself to practice humility, and remember that I cannot answer all their questions or make their first year perfect for them.  However, if I lean on God, I can accompany the first year students on their journey, and remember to be the person they need, not the person I want to be for them.  Walking with first year students as they begin their time at USD is such a privilege, I can see God in each one of them.  The wonderful students reminded me just this week that we are always traveling towards the city of the living God, and that we all journey there together.

-Marie McDonald-Hulen '17