Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Jer 20: 10-13
Rom 5: 12-15
Mt 10: 26-33
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Maribel Orozco
June 25, 2017

Throughout his life, the prophet Jeremiah faced persecution by people who tried to silence him as he warned them about God’s punishment if people did not stop worshiping the false god Baal.  In today’s first reading Jeremiah tells us how he feels rejected, despised, and criticized by the community. He tells us how even his friends were watching for any misstep. As a result, he is made to feel deep sadness, anger, and an overall sense of abandonment for delivering the Lord’s message. Yet he goes on to realize that doing God’s will means he has a “mighty champion” on his side. He trusts that, despite going through these trials and tribulations, he will never be alone, and that he is “worth more” than the persecutions.

For most of us, trusting in the Lord and putting our faith in Him is easier said than done. Especially in a fast pace world of instant gratification, it can seem that trusting in the Lord’s love only brings one to endure feelings of sadness, anger, and abandonment.

Therefore, it can seem easier to let oneself give into the relief of approval of others, as offered by and seen in social media. Trusting in others’ approval and gratification can seem more rewarding than trusting in what the Lord provides.

This past year, while on a Tijuana day trip, I had the opportunity to witness the beauty of trusting in the Lord, and the abundance of fruits that trusting in Him comes with. While at Casa de las Memorias, I heard the director of the Center describe how he trusted in the Lord’s love so deeply, that he had no doubt that the necessary amount of medicine, food, and necessities would be provided. He seemed to trust in the Lord’s love so easily and confidently that it was evident that his trust inspired and motivated the rest of the household. It made me realize the power and motivation that trusting in the Lord’s love brings.

In our efforts to please God, we should not be worried about how much attention we receive from others, how many “likes” or comments we receive, or the sum of our material possessions. Jesus reminds us that our worth does not depend on these things.  Our God, who gave us life, knows the complete value of our soul which is so much greater than any amount of money or human thought can ever express.