Military Ally

What is Military Ally?

The Military Ally program is a collaborative effort between the University of San Diego and San Diego State University to provide insight and awareness of the unique cultural and social background of the military community. With the understanding that many of these military students transfer to the university level from the local community colleges, Military Ally provides a recognizable symbol with which they can identify not only when beginning their pursuit of higher education but also when transferring to another institution.

Built from a similar program at CSU Long Beach, Military Ally is based on the “safe zone” concept and generates a network of partners that today’s military-affiliated students can readily identify as understanding their diverse situations.

The Military Ally program provides all levels of the college campus and surrounding community organizations – senior leaders, administrators, faculty, student groups, etc. – with the necessary tools to understand, empathize with, and proctor the success of this large and diverse student body. Military Ally offers the mechanism of acceptance and assistance students can utilize throughout their transitional academic pursuit.

What Does the Program Entail?

Consisting of a four-hour seminar, Military Ally is presented through slide presentations, interactive working groups, student panels, and audience participation to fully engage all learning styles. Participants walk away with a better understanding of not only the challenges military students may encounter while in school, but also the benefits of having this group on campus.

 Additionally, those who complete the seminar and become a part of the Military Ally network, receive a placard to place in their workspace and a lapel pin to wear as a visible indicator that they are someone who understands the diverse nature of this demographic and values the various cultural populations on campus and in the surrounding community.


Military Ally is a partnership with SDSU, USD, and the Travis Manion Foundation