Military and Veterans Program

Our Mission

The USD Military & Veterans Program provides student-focused services to all USD military-connected students, from their initial consideration of higher education (Access), through services when they are enrolled as students (Support) and in their transition to alumni status (Connect). USD MVP services enhance military and veteran students’ abilities to achieve their higher education and career goals, effectively, from a quality institution, while using their benefits as efficiently as possible.

USD MVP nurtures the academic success and personal growth of all military-connected students. We communicate the value that our military population brings to the campus and the greater community, and in turn, we counter negative stereotyping. 





We promote visibility of programs for military-connected students.

We are committed to helping potential students find solutions that are in their best interest. 

We raise awareness about military-connected students with campus and community partners.


We provide support for military-connected students on campus.

We manage the administration of educational benefits.

We build community and create a positive space for students to find belonging.

We guide student development. 

We equip faculty and staff with knowledge to help them serve military connected students.


We connect students with career opportunities.

We help students prepare, plan, and be successful in their new career/profession.

We coordinate events that expose companies to the best students have to offer.