Award Recipients

Recipients of the Innovation in Community Engagement Award

Year Recipient Department
1996 Dr. Michael Pfau Department of Political Science
1997 Dr. Noelle Norton Department of Political Science
1998 Dr. Judith Liu Department of Sociology
1999 Dr. Sandra Sgoutas-Emch Department of Psychology
2000 Dr. Luby Liao Department of Mathematics
2002  Dr. Perla Myers Department of Mathematics
2003 Dr. Barbara Withers Department School of Business
2004 Dr. Susan Lord Department of Engineering
2005 Dr. Lonnie Rowell School of Leadership & Education Sciences
2006 Dr. Peter Kanelos Department of English
2007 Dr. Leeva Chung Communication Studies
2008 Dr. Kevin Guerrieri Languages & Literatures
2009 Evelyn Diaz Cruz, MFA Theatre Arts
2010 Dr. Stephen Conroy School of Business
2011 Dr. Michelle Camacho Sociology
2012 Dr. Jonathan Bowman Communication Studies
2013 Dr. Alberto Lopez Pulido Ethnic Studies
2014 Dr. Bradley Bond Communication Studies
2015 Dr. Leeva Chung Communication Studies
2016 Dr.  Antonieta Mercado Communication Studies
2018 Dr. Aarti Ivanic School of Business