Committee on Innovation


The Committee on Innovation in Community Engagement (CICE) was previously known as the Experiential Education Committee (EEC). EEC functioned as an award selection committee focused on rewarding excellence and innovation in experiential education as well as supporting experiential teaching and research. Since the creation of the EEC, there have been substantial campus-wide changes that have impacted the committee’s scope of work and prompted the creation of the newly titled CICE. The goals of the CICE are:

Support the Mulvaney Center Scholars Program

The Mulvaney Center scholars program trains interested faculty in the pedagogy of community engagement. The Committee on Innovation in Community Engagement can support this program in the following ways:

  • Assist in the selection of faculty scholars and program theme for the upcoming academic year.
  • Participate in the Mulvaney Center Scholars workshops and serve as an incubator for emerging courses.
  • Directly mentor scholars or facilitate matching of scholars with faculty in your academic area.

Support Faculty Grant Writing Activities

  • Identify funding opportunities relevant to service learning.
  • Organize events that promote collaboration among community-engaged faculty.
  • Assist with the development of community engagement specific language and make available for grants.

Promote the Scholarship of the Mulvaney Center

  • In partnership with the Center for Educational Excellence, organize faculty development workshops specific to community engagement.
  • Work to develop in-house assessment models that can be used in Mulvaney Center courses and are publishable in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Generate competitive travel grants for conference attendance.