COVID-19 Updates


In attempting to navigate these trying times in ways that reflect our institutional values, we are mindful of the real risks of COVID-19 and want to  ensure the safety of our community (both on and off campus).  The Mulvaney Center, in consultation with our community partners, will limit our community engagement opportunities to remote projects only for the Fall Semester. Our community engagement work is informed by a social justice lens with a commitment to democratic, mutually-beneficial, and equitable partnerships in the community. We remain committed to supporting any faculty who would like to continue connecting and building relationships with already existing community partners, and we will also diligently work with faculty to explore new possibilities within the San Diego/Tijuana community. We understand that all community residents and organizations do not have equal access to technology that would support remote community engagement. To ensure that these voices and the voices of those most adversely impacted by the pandemic are heard, we will continue our outreach efforts in order to be responsive to a wide range of community needs as they emerge. 


The Mulvaney Center, along with our Faculty Council for Community Engagement, is currently working with faculty members to design remote community engagement for the fall.  The Mulvaney Center also encourages all faculty interested in community engagement to participate in our Faculty Development for Community Engagement workshop series. We recognize that not all existing community engagement components can be translated into  remote projects. However, the Mulvaney Team welcomes the opportunity to explore possibilities with you, share resources and best practices, and help faculty members to connect with our community partners. In addition, while this statement refers specifically to the efforts of and community partnerships held by the Mulvaney Center in the San Diego and Tijuana community, we would like to learn more about any ongoing or planned community engagement activities happening across campus. Ultimately, as a university committed to the public good and an anchor institution in the community, we want to actively be attentive and responsive to the profound needs that will surface during and, eventually, following this pandemic.


Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions, to schedule a consultation, or to discuss any community engagement activities.


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