Undergraduate Students

Youth Engagement Initiative

The Mulvaney Center’s Youth Engagement Initiative (YEI) creates opportunities for students to become immersed in a classroom experience. YEI is a tutor workforce consisting of 40 Federal Work Study (FWS) Classroom Tutors who work alongside the Linda Vista K-12 community.

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As a center, we honor the value of  reciprocal relationships with our local K-12 schools, and our tutors are the embodiment of just that.We help prepare and train our tutors throughout the year with students covering a range of thematic educational topics including:

 - Anti-oppression and -Anti-racism

-Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution

- Trauma informed practices and Healing Centered Engagement (HCE)

- Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

- Growth v Fixed Mindset

-STEAM education tools and techniques

- Intersectionality and Critical Service Learning (CSL) and more.

MICAH Fellows

The MICAH Fellowship allows current USD students the opportunity to cultivate personal and social responsibility through intentionally joining communities that are working to create positive social change. Joining and falling in love with communities is at the heart of the MICAH fellowship, check out our website to learn more. 

Scott MacDonald Scholars

Our MacDonald Scholars spend upwards of 300 hours each year immersed and engaged with community members throughout San Diego. Through a relationship and trust building approach, the students will begin to work closely alongside anchor partners, helping champion community led efforts while further enhancing the University's solidarity with the community.

Get to know our awesome scholars and read about their incredible experiences working together with our community partners in our annual report.  

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Contact Us 

Federal Work Study eligibility is required, if unsure of federal work study status contact Financial Aid for information, onestop@sandiego.edu

We look forward to connecting students to our local community. If you are interested and have questions, feel free to reach out to our staff.

Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Learning

Program Manager for YEI