Tijuana Hub


This table has the video regarding the Tijuana Hub Space as well as a Tijuana Hub Timeline.

Binational Anchor: USD's Tijuana Hub

In response to increasing cross border engagement and an invitation from Tijuana Community Partners to have a permanent USD office space in Tijuana, the Center for Peace and Commerce and the Mulvaney Center applied for and were awarded a Strategic Initiatives Grant from the University. The Grant provides one year of pilot funding for a USD Tijuana Hub (TJ Hub), a multipurpose space for USD students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners collaborating in Tijuana based work. The TJ Hub solidifies USD’s commitment as a Binational Anchor Institution, investing financial and human resources in partnership with our neighboring community south of the border. To learn more click here

For more information please contact Rachel Christensen at rchristensen@sandiego.edu or Maria Silva at mariasilva@sandiego.edu
Map of different USD projects in Tijuana. Fall 2019

Mapping USD's Tijuana Engagement 

Community engagement platform Collaboratory was utilized to map USD's involvement in Tijuana. 

People talking around a presenter. Spring 2020

Tijuana and San Diego Stakeholder Meetings

Meetings were held for both USD and Tijuana stakeholders on March 2020. Input and ideas were gathered to imagine the possibilities of the USD Tijuana Hub.

Three women sitting at a co-working table. Fall 2020

Identifying and Assembling Hub Space

Once a space has been identified and secured, it will be prepared for utilization of both USD community and Tijuana community partners. 

A door sign that reads "open". Spring 2021

USD Tijuana Hub Inauguration

Tijuana Hub Space inauguration and ribbon cutting ceremony.